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Skylark® II - Electrically-powered, Covert, Close Range UAS

A unique electrically propelled tactical UAS combining silent electric propulsion with a high quality EO/IR/Laser payload, Skylark® II is  capable of flying covertly at low altitudes and under cloud cover. It provides day and night target detection, positive identification and continuous tracking undetected.

The Skylark® II system is highly expeditionary,  requiring only two light vehicles and a single trailer for system mobilization and deployment with no infrastructure or ground recovery system required. The electric propulsion of the air vehicle [eliminates] [reduces?] the need for air vehicle refueling and engine maintenance.  Skylark® II is highly autonomous and simple to operate with mission effective modes such as fly-by-camera. Skylark® II was selected by the IDF as its Brigade-Level UAS. 

Take-off weight   65 kg
Max Payload       9 kg
Endurance           4 hours
Service Ceiling    15,000 ft
Range                60 km

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Skylark® II

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