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Sustainability is a basic value underlying Elbit Systems’ business philosophy, and I would like to thank all of our stakeholders for taking an interest in this  Sustainability Report, our fourth such report .We publish a Sustainability Report  every two years, but our commitment to sustainability is ongoing .Since our last  report, we have taken a number of significant steps to advance our approach to  sustainability, including developing a Sustainability Strategy to 2020, with goals and targets in areas of importance to our business and to our stakeholders .At  the same time, we have adopted the most widely used sustainability reporting  format in the world, the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 guidelines .

Our business environment remains challenging, and since our last Sustainability Report we have continued to anticipate and respond to the evolving needs of our customers .Our strategic focus remains centered on integrated technologies and systems that protect, save and enhance lives .As issues relating to homeland security are of increasing concern to governments around the world, we find that our depth and breadth of expertise, and our ability to combine technologies from different parts of our organization, means we are well-positioned to respond with synergistic, effective solutions .Similarly, we are finding that many of our high-end technologies are relevant to civil applications, including areas such as flight safety, cyber security for civilian infrastructures and emergency services simulator training .We continue to advance innovation in diverse areas that benefit the broader society, ranging from enhancing commercial pilots’ ability to land more safely in adverse weather conditions, hyperspectral cameras for climate change tracking, a cutting edge approach to airborne firefighting and supercapacitor technology that can help transform urban transportation .

At the same time, our sustainability efforts have yielded operational improvements, including almost 10% reduction in our energy consumption on a normalized basis over the past two years .This is significant both as a positive contribution to global climate change efforts and also as a driver of cost-efficiencies throughout our business .As our customers seek increasingly advanced solutions, they also seek partners and suppliers that continuously improve their environmental impacts and maintain a workplace that respects employees .Our workplace at Elbit Systems is increasingly more open, collaborative and engaging for our employees who are the major force behind our vision of making our technologies work for the safety and security of our customers and society at large .We are also continuing our focus on ethical conduct, including through memberships in the International

Forum on Business Ethical Conduct (IFBEC) of the Aerospace and Defense Industry and other international ethics–oriented organizations .Our ethics compliance activities support our zero tolerance policy towards corruption and enhance a positive work atmosphere for our employees and other stakeholders .

We thank you again for your interest in our sustainability practices and welcome your feedback on this Report .

Bezhalel Machlis
President and Chief Executive Officer


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